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TES Youth Exchange 2005: Interviews

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InterviewsStory: Interview of Aurelie by Annemie
Tuesday, May 03 @ 17:36:49 CDT by fire2005 (1501 reads)
Anonymous writes " Normally she would be studying at the time. When she heard the idea of coming here some months ago and dive in a pool of interculturality, she didn’t hesitate one moment. She said goodbye to the business school without too much emotional difficulties and took the plane from Paris to Milano, then to Rome and from there to Athens, where they grabbed some boat tickets from Greeks to accomplish the mission to Chios. No problems occurred during the trip, only when the French checked out the night club on the boat, they were a bit puzzled. The Greek seem to have a ‘static’ way of partying. But Aurelie also admits that she, Delphine, Laurent and Nicolas were too shy to give away a show a la Moulin Rouge.


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InterviewsStory: Interview with Damian
Monday, May 02 @ 12:24:00 CDT by fire2005 (1206 reads)

This is Damians third time in Greece. He's been in the Olympic Riviera before for holidays. Greece is holiday paradise, but for Damian Poland is the perfect country for living. He explains that everything is nice in his country. The first thing he mentions is the typical dish "pierogi", a kind of noodle filled with cabbage and mushrooms.

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InterviewsStory: Interview of the Spanish guys
Monday, May 02 @ 12:20:30 CDT by fire2005 (1330 reads)

Carlos and Jose are both European Volunteers...

Carlos and Jose both work as Volunteers at the for the “Technology Education Sports” organisation. They make up the Spanish division. Few in number but strong in force they supervise the tables, keep an eye on the needs of 50 hungry people ready to attack Penelope’s delicious meals and show their unexpected skills as professional egg painters, for instance.
Carlos comes from a small town close to Lleida and Barcelona and has been living in Greece for one year now. Carlos remembers that when he left from Spain his relatives didn’t agree on his project, now the situation has changed.
Jose wanted to try voluntary work and the country of first choice was Greece. He wanted to get to know the culture and he has friends in Athens. An NGO in Madrid found this project for him. After four months he can say that the work really pleases him. He’s been already working in a company for a while, but voluntary work offers instead of money another level of satisfaction.

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InterviewsStory: Who is Marius??
Sunday, May 01 @ 18:27:35 CDT by fire2005 (1268 reads)
From Romania to Greece...
Marius, volunteer in the TES-HIENET EVS project, has only been in Romania for one day in the last eight months and he doesn’t really miss his country… So their must be a lot of experiences that compensate for the hot summers and snowy winters and beautiful autumns and springs, hills and mountains, forest and the Black Sea he tells me about. Marius decided to become a volunteer to come in contact with people from different cultures and get to know different ways of thinking. He’s interested in how people try to solve issues in other ways and tries to extract the best from everything. Since he didn’t expect anything, he was ready for everything. Things usually work out fine when you keep both feet on the ground, he assures me. Just be realistic; be prepared to offer a lot and you will get even more without realizing it. What he doesn’t like are fatalistic people that don’t take their life in their own hands out of the belief that they’re not able to change it in any case. Sometimes Romanians have this mentality; even young people look for an excuse not to take the initiative. Considering the history of continuous occupation by Romans, Turkish, Hungarians, Russians, Germans and having experienced the cold war from the East side, Marius can understand the origin to this attitude. But they do their best to get the job done, he smiles. The religion in his country is Christian-Orthodox. People try to keep the tradition but Marius considers what’s deep inside far more important. Most people go to church every Sunday because they were told to do so and everybody does. Marius himself is not really concerned with official church activities. He tries to keep in peace and balance with himself. He gives meaning to life in getting the best of every moment without being negligent and keep the consequences in mind.

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InterviewsStory: Get to know Taavi
Sunday, May 01 @ 18:22:31 CDT by fire2005 (1289 reads)
What about Taavi? Cosimo has the answers...
Taavi is an Estonian boy. He came here in Greece with other people from Estonia
One of the best eston’s habits is the easter day. At that time all the family cleans the house, the meaning is that they restart a new life.

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InterviewsStory: What about Joan Carlos? ... from Cosimo
Sunday, May 01 @ 18:00:19 CDT by fire2005 (1309 reads)
Our guest Cosimo from Italy getting know about our volunteer Carlos...

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