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TES Youth Exchange 2005: Interculturality

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InterculturalityStory: Stereotypes or prejudges
Monday, May 09 @ 17:17:29 CDT by fire2005 (1400 reads)
France, Germany, Poland, Romania, Estonia, Greece, Italy, Belgium... In more or less quantity, every country mentioned had taken part in this youth exchange.

One experience that I'm sure nobody will forget. I guess that everybody here have moved for one main reason, get known about other cultures, other countries, other life ways... One is not conscience of what is outside of his life’s circle till the moment when he or she escape from his traditional life and discover new ones.

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InterculturalityStory: Romanian mamaliga recipe
Tuesday, May 03 @ 15:37:16 CDT by fire2005 (2468 reads)


Ingredients (for a small size):
½ liter water
1 kg corn flour

You put the water in the pot with the salt. Also a small hand of flour. When the water starts to boil you use the mixer and you poor the flour like rain and you mix with the mixer all the time until you finish the flour. You’ll continue mixing until the composition gets harder. When it happens you let it on a medium fire 10 minutes and you mix again and so on until it’s finished.

We recommend you to serve it with a sour cheese and also sour cream (you can mix the cream with the cheese).

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InterculturalityStory: Romanian sarmale recipe
Tuesday, May 03 @ 15:34:36 CDT by fire2005 (3508 reads)
The onion is cut into small pieces with the carrots (they can be cut using the grater - recommended!!!) and also with the mushrooms...

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InterculturalityStory: Eurodinner Polish recipe
Tuesday, May 03 @ 15:11:50 CDT by fire2005 (1204 reads)
Pierogi is a traditional Polish meal. It looks like ravioli, but it is not ravioli. Here is the recipe... Pierogi (polish dumplings)

  • 1kg flour
  • water
  • oil
  • salt and pepper
  • 500g mushrooms
  • about 4 onions
  • 1 cabbage (white)

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InterculturalityStory: Spanish eurodinner recipe
Tuesday, May 03 @ 11:29:52 CDT by fire2005 (1175 reads)
Some comments from Jose… “esta muuy ricaaa con cervezitaaa”, you can eat it any time, cold, warm, with beer, with wine, with salad, with meat, in a bar, in a restaurant, in your mother’s house…. aaay!! I miss it!

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InterculturalityStory: Italian Eurodinner recipe
Tuesday, May 03 @ 11:18:24 CDT by fire2005 (1240 reads)
There are hundreds of recipes for cooking pasta in Italy, but the one described here, that was served for Eurodinner, is typical from Sardinia, as many Italian participant in the youth exchange were Sardinians. Gnocchi Sardi

  • 400g gnocchi Sardi (a special kind of pasta from Sardinia)
  • Half a litter peeled tomatoes
  • Half an onion
  • A leaf of laurel
  • Olive oil
  • Salt
  • Basil
  • Parmiggiano (Italian grated cheese)

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InterculturalityStory: German recipe for Eurodinner
Tuesday, May 03 @ 10:59:59 CDT by fire2005 (1256 reads)
Eiersalat (egg salad) is a quite simple recipe but that is typical of Easter in Germany.Ingredients
  • 5 eggs
  • Sausage (e.g. frankfurter)
  • 3 big spoons mayonnaise
  • A little milk
  • Curry
  • Salt
  • Pepper

Mix everything together, wait for an hour and … that’s all, folks! Recommended drink with that meal is Finkbraü beer.

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InterculturalityStory: French Eurodinner recipes
Monday, May 02 @ 14:14:38 CDT by fire2005 (1349 reads)
French food served for Eurodinner: apple pie, Coulommiers (a kind of camembert), Easter chocolate eggs, goat cheese, quiche, and of course French wine.

You will find here the recipes of the meals we prepared for Eurodinner : quiche and apple pie. But we won't give you a recipe for French wine, because we are not allowed to give it to foreign people.

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InterculturalityStory: Italy
Monday, May 02 @ 12:05:38 CDT by fire2005 (1310 reads)


Interviewed on 29, 30.04.05

Pasta, Pizza, Wine, beautiful Women. What comes in your mind when you here those words? We are talking about Italy.
But we must not forget to mention the historical Cities and the Rinascimento which was a Period of Art that started in Florenz between 1400 -1500. Some of the most important figures from this period are Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo. But there are also some characteristic things about Italy which are not so nice such as the Mafia or the political situation in general. The Italian guvernment is not happy at all about the prime-minister's manipulation of the public oppinion. As an example the case of a job count that was faked by taking into account the people how only had work for only one week as well. Also the law was changed, therefore during a trial it's imposible to change the judge.

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InterculturalityStory: Estonians and religious traditions through history
Sunday, May 01 @ 17:00:03 CDT by fire2005 (1334 reads)
Estonians and religious traditions through history

Compared to most European countries Estonia is non-religious in general. Being non-religious is not the same as being atheist - we don't fight against religion, we just live in another world.

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