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Fireworks and Fire festivities in EuropeStory: Fire rituals in Belgium
Tuesday, May 10 @ 14:59:06 CDT by fire2005 (2036 reads)
Anonymous writes "Still nowadays Easter fires are lit every year on Easter day to celebrate the return of the light and Spring time."
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InterculturalityStory: Stereotypes or prejudges
Monday, May 09 @ 17:17:29 CDT by fire2005 (1343 reads)
France, Germany, Poland, Romania, Estonia, Greece, Italy, Belgium... In more or less quantity, every country mentioned had taken part in this youth exchange.

One experience that I'm sure nobody will forget. I guess that everybody here have moved for one main reason, get known about other cultures, other countries, other life ways... One is not conscience of what is outside of his life’s circle till the moment when he or she escape from his traditional life and discover new ones.

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Fire prevention, Nature, EuroforestStory: What about Poland? Will it be burned?
Wednesday, May 04 @ 12:37:43 CDT by fire2005 (1154 reads)
Since the average temperature in Poland in summer is not above 20 degrees, there are no serious problems in natural environments that would require a very strict fire protection...

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Fire prevention, Nature, EuroforestStory: The problem of fire in Italy
Wednesday, May 04 @ 12:34:21 CDT by fire2005 (1246 reads)
The problem of fire is a very big issue in Italy...

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InterviewsStory: Interview of Aurelie by Annemie
Tuesday, May 03 @ 17:36:49 CDT by fire2005 (1449 reads)
Anonymous writes " Normally she would be studying at the time. When she heard the idea of coming here some months ago and dive in a pool of interculturality, she didn’t hesitate one moment. She said goodbye to the business school without too much emotional difficulties and took the plane from Paris to Milano, then to Rome and from there to Athens, where they grabbed some boat tickets from Greeks to accomplish the mission to Chios. No problems occurred during the trip, only when the French checked out the night club on the boat, they were a bit puzzled. The Greek seem to have a ‘static’ way of partying. But Aurelie also admits that she, Delphine, Laurent and Nicolas were too shy to give away a show a la Moulin Rouge.


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