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InterculturalityStory: Stereotypes or prejudges
Posted on Monday, May 09 @ 17:17:29 CDT
Topic: Interculturality
France, Germany, Poland, Romania, Estonia, Greece, Italy, Belgium... In more or less quantity, every country mentioned had taken part in this youth exchange.

One experience that I'm sure nobody will forget. I guess that everybody here have moved for one main reason, get known about other cultures, other countries, other life ways... One is not conscience of what is outside of his life’s circle till the moment when he or she escape from his traditional life and discover new ones.

In these days everyone had the opportunity to discover each others individually and also in groups. How they act and react in front of every situation, their behaviour, their character, their skills, all marked by the customs and habits of their countries. We are discovering them in this project not only in the work attitude and the way to reach their aims, also in the personal treatment. Maybe sometimes we don’t realize this, but it is true that everyone has something like a “stamp” that says the place where are they from, something about ourselves that comes from the environment where we grew up, strongly marked by the culture, the language and the traditions.

The best in this kind of exchange programmes, and at the end the personal motivation that is inside of everyone, is to get known about the others, discover the differences and learn to RESPECT each others. Realize that what is usual for us may not be for our neighbour, and the opposite, just because we have been educated with different habits strongly depending of the country traditions.

At the end we won't keep in mind only the stereotypes, those that come to your mind when you just listen the name of one country... the French romanticism, or the easily speech from Italy, or the lazy character of the Spanish and Greeks, or the calculating mind of the German people, or the apparently cold character of the Easter countries, or the inexpressive speech from the Nordic countries, or the fine style to act from England... All of these topics will go to the background, will be left behind... We are going more away and we are getting to know deeper the people, testing that we find a very different person whom we was not waiting to; just we discover that the prejudices based on stereotypes not always are right.

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