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Fire prevention, Nature, EuroforestStory: The problem of fire in Italy
Posted on Wednesday, May 04 @ 12:34:21 CDT
Topic: Fire prevention, Nature, Euroforest
The problem of fire is a very big issue in Italy...

The problem of fire is a very big issue in Italy.

At the moment in the south of Italy, it is a very dry island, but it used to be every green place until the 1960’ when most of our woods were cut to make tracks for the Italian railways. Now because of the very hot summers and the lack of water, every summer big fires destroy many kilometers of green and an average of 4 people per year actually die in fires… The problem is also due to ignorance: Sardinian shepherds, for instance, use the fire method to create big empty spaces to pasture their animals, without realizing the damage they create to the environment. Many fires are started by pyromaniacs, at the moment, though, most fires are caused by accident for instance when people throw their cigarettes out of the car window without realizing that dry grass is the perfect starter for a fire.

For instance, the problem in Sardinia is so serious that now we do some campaign to awaken people: in 1990 even Sting came for a concert to gather money to buy a Canadair (special kind of airplane used to extinguish burning woods). Because the best way to solve a problem is prevention – at least as far as human carelessness is involved – we pay lot of attention to the education of children.

Students from every school are taken every year on 4th November (the day of Saint Barbara, patron Saint of the firemen) to visit the buildings of the fire brigades and then firemen give them lessons about this problem. Also in schools teachers have special projects on environmental topics where first they teach the children in class and then take them to visit places where fire destroyed everything and the children themselves can plant trees with the help of the Forest Police.

Also much money is invested on spot campaigns to be played on TV and on the radio every summer and it seems as its producing good results.

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