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Story: Interview of Aurelie by Annemie

Contributed by Anonymous on Tuesday, May 03 @ 17:36:49 CDT

Interviews Normally she would be studying at the time. When she heard the idea of coming here some months ago and dive in a pool of interculturality, she didn’t hesitate one moment. She said goodbye to the business school without too much emotional difficulties and took the plane from Paris to Milano, then to Rome and from there to Athens, where they grabbed some boat tickets from Greeks to accomplish the mission to Chios. No problems occurred during the trip, only when the French checked out the night club on the boat, they were a bit puzzled. The Greek seem to have a ‘static’ way of partying. But Aurelie also admits that she, Delphine, Laurent and Nicolas were too shy to give away a show a la Moulin Rouge.

Aurélie was born on Réunion Island, an exotic part of France in the Indian Ocean. She came to France to study. Aurélie likes to live in the capital but whenever she’s got the chance to visit the island again, she takes it with both hands. The lifestyle on the island is in total contrast with Paris'life. On Reunion Island, religion is very important and the family feeling is much stronger. Of course the rhythm of living in Paris is faster. When Aurélie arrived in the capital, she was told to be “faster, faster!” the whole time. Now the people on the island ask her to calm down when she rushes in. In fact it’s comparable to the life on Chios and the motto here; One can find this opposition also in religion. In the big cities, people are not very concerned with religion while on the island Catholic tradition still rules. But Aurélie was amazed to see the Orthodox Easter ceremony on television, she is not familiar with such strong religious feelings. In France the tradition of chocolate easter eggs and meals with the family together are kept alive. Very typical are the egg hunts in castles coming up lately. The beautiful French castles are stuffed with chocolate eggs and everybody is invited to enjoy a national egg picking in a wonderful environment.

Aurélie doesn’t like the racism in Paris, she hates to read articles in the newspaper about foreign people treated in an unfair way. On Reunion Island a mix of people are living together without these problems: many Chinese, Indian, African people and Spanish, French and Portuguese minorities. Originally the island was Portuguese, and many other nationalities where brought in through slavery. The general language is Creole, similar to French but with a different accent and some special words.

Although Aurélie doesn’t like the chauvinistic feelings of most French people, in her opinion the architecture in Paris really is astonishing, and the French food is also fabulous. Her favorite meal is quiche. Since the Fire2005 youth exchange this first place is concurred by the Romanian Sarmale though…

Aurélie is annoyed by French television with its commercials to educate people. "Please let me live!", is her reaction (rolling eyes). Don’t smoke, don’t drink, eat properly… the government must feel very responsible for the health of its people. Showing shocking images with bodies flying through the window when somebody forgot something (fasten your seatbelt people) goes one step too far in her view.

For the future, the plans are rather international. This summer Romania is probably on the programme. Then an internship for school somewhere abroad, preferably Mexico (Spanish is no problem) or Brazil, also quite attractive; Aurélie is ready for the world…

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