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Stories about the youth exchangeStory: The Rocket War Day
Posted on Tuesday, May 03 @ 17:00:19 CDT
Topic: Stories about the youth exchange

The big day has arrived, today is the day that will introduce all of us into the traditional Greek Easter celebration. Even from the beginning of the day we were able to hear fireworks noise because the children from the island were excited for the big “fireworks show” from 8 o’clock.

During the workshops the participants have chosen their material for the website that will present our change of experience here. When this ended we went to see the place where the “fireworks show” will happen. The people from the island were preparing the area between the 2 churches San Marco& San Maria, building special support for the rockets also being very careful to everything because the powder from which the rockets were built could cause a fire and even explosion. They were also prepared with drinks, food and music in this way announcing the good time that was to embrace all people.

Later in the evening the “fireworks show” started and we went there to view the rain of rockets. We are all amazed by the noise and smoke from the rockets but also pleased by the beauty of the bright lights in different colors that were popping into the sky everywhere.

To get a better view some of us went down near the people were the “munitions” was preparing to hit the other church (San Maria), others went up on the hill were they thought to be safe.

All this confusion “war” or “tradition” had kept on for at least 4 hours.

Some of us liked it some of us held their opinion about this “rocket war” on Resurrection evening, but one thing is sure, as we all noticed, the people from the island were enjoying it very much.

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