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Stories about the youth exchangeStory: Visit of Chios
Posted on Tuesday, May 03 @ 16:58:39 CDT
Topic: Stories about the youth exchange

The organisation organized a trip to the island...

The organisation organized a trip of the island. On the road  we saw the beatiful landscape of the island and we were very impressed by the range of plants, trees, flowers that grow on this island. We have also seen the volcano that is not active anymore today, but the most interesting thing for us was seing mastic trees that even grow in some areas of the world, they only produce the aromatic resin only if grown here on Chios.

Our first stop was in one village called Mesta, which we will all remember for its original and medieval arhitecture and atmosfere, huge brick paved mazes with peaceful people witch share their life between work, church and community. We entered an orthodox church and listened to a special ceremony in time of Easter. We also had a chance to chew natural mastic gum, taking into account that in this village a big part of the population are growing mastic trees. Some of us liked it some of us didn’t.

One other village that cought our attention out of all the villages that we visited was one called Pirgi. What made this village special in comparison to the other villages are the geometrical patterns that decorate all the houses of the village. The decorated houses are like in most of the villages of the island very close forming a fortress.
A few minutes by bus further there was a beach full of black pebbles called Mavra Volia. It's worth to be mentioned here together with some other places that cought our attention. We were told that the lava coming from one of the two non-active volcanoes that enclose the beach is what gave the black color to the pebbles covering the area.
Along with other villages and beaches and monasteries and people that we've seen and met during our trip on the island reasured us that the island has more than the dazzling natural beauty, it also has the human element that gives it it's splendour.

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