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Fire prevention, Nature, EuroforestStory: The Euroforest
Posted on Tuesday, May 03 @ 15:48:02 CDT
Topic: Fire prevention, Nature, Euroforest
Chios is quite a dry and windy place, which may easily burn. Unfortunately, such was the case in 1981: a fire was lit and a huge part of the forest here was destroyed.
Since Chios is a protected natural park, the HIENET organisation decided to help rebuild this lost forest and in 2001 they planted a few trees during a Youth Exchange. Today was the continuation of this initiative: every person present during the Fire 2005 Youth Exchange planted a seed in the mountain.

Jose planting a tree

Within a few years, there is hope that some of them have grown up and that the Euroforest becomes a reality.

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Fire prevention, Nature, Euroforest

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