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InterculturalityStory: Romanian sarmale recipe
Posted on Tuesday, May 03 @ 15:34:36 CDT
Topic: Interculturality
The onion is cut into small pieces with the carrots (they can be cut using the grater - recommended!!!) and also with the mushrooms...


1 kg rice
500g carrots
500g onions
500g tomato sauce
600 to 700g mushrooms
3 eggs
Salt, pepper, vegetal powder
Cabbage/wine leaves
100 to 150g parsley

The onion is cut into small pieces with the carrots (they can be cut using the grater - recommended!!!) and also with the mushrooms. All these are thrown into a metal pot after pouring oil into it: it will be placed on the fire. At the same time the rice is cleaned and placed in a pot with some water and then on e fire, until the rice gets ready. The mixture of onions, carrots and mushrooms is removed from the fire when the onions start to melt. You blend this mixture with the rice in a large dish, add the tomato and 2 to 3 eggs previously blended. Add salt, pepper and vegeta powder (after taste), then add the parsley cut into small pieces.

The wine leaves are placed into a pot of hot water until they get really soft and change their color. Then you wrap the mixture into the leaves and make small packages. You choose a metal pot to put all the sarmale there. You put some cabbage/wine leaves on the bottom and after that you place the sarmale, poor water until the water level is higher than the sarmale. Then you put some cabbage/wine leaves to cover them. After that you put a plate upside down and press it and you put the lid on top.

You let them boil one hour at medium fire. We recommend you to serve them warm with sour cream and the traditional mamaliga.

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