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Fire prevention, Nature, EuroforestStory: Fire protection in Romania
Posted on Monday, May 02 @ 13:14:43 CDT
Topic: Fire prevention, Nature, Euroforest

Safety measures and rules to prevent the fire in the forest

Forests take a large area of our country, therefore the law specifies a series of rules that we are compelled to respect.

The most important is for the people to conscious of their responsibility of saving and keeping the national natural patrimony.

We also develop an educational activity through TV shows, radio and meetings between the members of the community, especially the ones living near the forest. Also the posters are very useful.

In the most critical periods of the year (February-March, September-October) we take special measures: cleaning the branches that fell near buildings. There are special places where tourists can stay, also for smoking, for parking the cars,

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Fire prevention, Nature, Euroforest

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