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InterviewsStory: Interview with Damian
Posted on Monday, May 02 @ 12:24:00 CDT
Topic: Interviews

This is Damians third time in Greece. He's been in the Olympic Riviera before for holidays. Greece is holiday paradise, but for Damian Poland is the perfect country for living. He explains that everything is nice in his country. The first thing he mentions is the typical dish "pierogi", a kind of noodle filled with cabbage and mushrooms.

The nature with mountains and rivers is the perfect environment for walking and skiing in winter. The Polish people are hard workers. That they drink a lot of vodka is one of the stereotypes without any ground. Damian has no idea were people get it from. Damian himself works very hard for high school. He's taking the European program: a lot of languages, geography and history, and European education were they learn more about the European Union and its members. This program exists more or less 6 years and is quite an exception in Europe. Polish politics are not as Damian would like to see it. For politicians it seems more important to buy a new car while the schools don't have enough money to offer the children a proper meal. When scandals come out, they're not necessarily followed by punishments; this link is absolutely not evident in the Polish system. He's happy that Poland joined the European Union but he's afraid that improvement will only occur very slowly. Corruption is the peoples' mentality, he says.

Statistically, Poland is one of the most religious countries in Europe. But Damian thinks that for most young people religion is less important, they're more concerned with their career. The older generation on the other hand follows the tradition extremely strict. Damian considers himself as a religious person. He attends services but gets his inspiration mainly by reading the bible. He tries to put this into practice. The priest is just giving his own interpretation. One of Damian's main goals in life is helping others. He and a friend started an interactive club in Poland. They collect money by selling paintings, and use it to support an orphanage, for instance. For him it's of great value that he learns to help and see how necessary this is, and his organization talent is improving at the same time.

The Easter tradition is quite strong in Poland were the people are catholic. Egg painting, going to church and receive the blessings is part of it. Jesus' resurrection is celebrated on Easter Sunday. There's also a firework in the morning. It only has to be noisy, the beautiful fireworks are for Sylvester. Typically Polish is Lany Poniedziałek, the Monday afterwards, when the people come in the streets to throw water to each other. This tradition originates from another custom, where young girls were put into the water. People believed that if they came out still dry, they would never find a husband. Nowadays people just stick to pouring each other wet, Lany Poniedziałek is a pretty dangerous day in Poland!


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