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InterculturalityStory: Italy
Posted on Monday, May 02 @ 12:05:38 CDT
Topic: Interculturality


Interviewed on 29, 30.04.05

Pasta, Pizza, Wine, beautiful Women. What comes in your mind when you here those words? We are talking about Italy.
But we must not forget to mention the historical Cities and the Rinascimento which was a Period of Art that started in Florenz between 1400 -1500. Some of the most important figures from this period are Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo. But there are also some characteristic things about Italy which are not so nice such as the Mafia or the political situation in general. The Italian guvernment is not happy at all about the prime-minister's manipulation of the public oppinion. As an example the case of a job count that was faked by taking into account the people how only had work for only one week as well. Also the law was changed, therefore during a trial it's imposible to change the judge.

    He arrived together with other participants from Italy. He was glad to have the possibility to meet new people from different countries and cultures but what he is really interested in, would be to build up a web of young people in Europe and all over the World, which are interested in making a social economy which would make a more intensive exchange possible.
    It would be enrichment for everybody if there would be people how are willing to hospital people they don’t know and show them there culture. So they can travel not as tourists but as a part of the social economy.
    Coming back to the original theme we where talking about food and so I asked where the pasta is coming from. A delicate question. They are not sure about the noodles (some say they where brought by Marco Polo from China) but the pasta specials form every region are definitely Italian. There are a lot of influences from other countries also from Greek. There are influensces on the food and also all medical terms are Greek. In Sicilia you can find a valley full of Greek Temples. In south Italy there are also a lot of same traditions what brings us finally to Easter traditions. For example they share the bread with a boiled egg inside. Italian traditions are big chocolate eggs with presents inside and replaying the way of Jesus.
An Italian Easter dinner would be, maybe by having as starter sausages, cheese and grissini with ham around. Followed by lasagna, lamb out of the oven with potatos and olives. There is also Coretella which are the cooked organs of animals. Finally for desert maybe Tiramisu where I got an ingredients list for.

Tiramisu a la Simonetta

Crème: 4 Spoons Sugar
4 Eggs
250g Mascarpone


Coffee where you can put a bit of Liquor, Amaretto ore Rum

by Simon

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