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Easter in GreeceStory: Easter customs in Greece
Posted on Monday, May 02 @ 11:47:52 CDT
Topic: Easter in Greece

In Greece Easter is a very important celebration maybe the most important of all...

In Greece Easter is a very important celebration maybe the most important of all.

First of all for 40 days we cannot eat meat or drink milk or anyother animal products. We do this because Jesus did this too 40 days before he was crucified and also because to purify our body and the spirit.

Every year on the Tuesday before Easter we paint eggs with red color to show the sacrifice that Jesus Christ made for man. Also they express the joy of Jesus resurrection. We paint the eggs for Easter because the legend says that after the death of Jesus on the cross his mother Mary came with a basket full of eggs in order to bribe the guards who were protecting the cross, to let her burry his body and some drops of blood fell on the eggs.

On Friday evening in every place of Greece people participate in one ceremony that implies following in the streets the cross and the grave of Jesus which are decorated with lots of flowers and candles, by holding candles and praying.

In every place in Greece people celebrate Easter in different ways according to the local customs. For example here in Chios people belonging to the parishes of two churches called Agios Marcos and Erithiani, situated on two neighbouring hills, throw rockets at the church of their neighbours. In general Easter is celebrated with big firework shows and by throwing fire-crackers, to show the joy of Jesus' resurection.

And finally on Saturday evening after the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus we do an egg fight, which involves 2 people with one egg each hitthing the eggs, and the person who's egg doesn't break is the winner and tradition says that he will have good luck throughout the year.

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