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Fireworks and Fire festivities in EuropeStory: Fireworks in Poland
Posted on Monday, May 02 @ 11:36:28 CDT
Topic: Fireworks and Fire festivities in Europe
Poland is not the origin of fireworks...

    Poland is not the origin of fireworks, so here we don’t have so many opportunities to watch fireworks shows.
    Actually there are only two regular possibilities to see them and some occasional. First is when the New Year comes. Then in almost every city we have very big fireworks shows with music background. They are prepared by professionals and also directed by them. Second occasion is a big charity feast which is all over Poland. It is called “Wielka Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy” (Great Orchestra of Holiday Help).
    Since 14 years during that event in every Polish city volunteers are gathering money to buy equipment for children hospitals that they can provide help to more newborn and sick babies. On one Sunday in January a Great Final takes place. In every marketplace or bigger place there are held various concerts and auctions that also provide fund for hospitals.
    On auctions are sold many various things from Olympic medals to Ground-Air rockets. At about 21 o’clock “Światełko do Nieba” (Light to the Sky) takes place. It is a very big fireworks show done at the same time in every city that is the one of the most exciting events during the whole day. One year ago we had an opportunity to experience a very big fireworks show when we have accessed the European Union. We also have minor fireworks shows during various concerts, depending on the bands’ budget.

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Fireworks and Fire festivities in Europe

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