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ParticipantsStory: Click here to know all the participants!!!
Posted on Sunday, May 01 @ 18:54:39 CDT
Topic: Participants
Present yourself!

Tobias Weckenbrock

I am Tobias Weckenbrock. I am still studying at a university of 40,000 students. My main subject is Political Science since the year 2000 with the aim to be a journalist. For that I have also worked already since my last year in school (1998) for a local newspaper in my home town. Although I study into the political direction Iíd like to work for the sports section of a bigger German newspaper Ė a nice dream, quite difficult to realize. But I am working on that.

Anu Vahtra

Student of Photography
There are loads of images around us. I like deserving. I like using photography as a language to tell stories.

Thomas John

Yia zure da mazi!!! Ime Thomas, apo ti Germania. Yeah, so again for everybodyÖ My name is John, Thomas John from Germany. Iím just in the best time of my life, 22 years young! Greetings to all of ďDimitriís peopleĒÖ ;-) I study Physics and Mathematics like niGeethe said: Ach kŲnnte ich nur verstehen was die Welt im innersten zusammenhšlt! But donít worry, Iím not as boring as the Physics may sound to you Ö ;-) At least I hope soÖ

Simon Posch

Who is writing here is Simon from Earth. In my country we have a very long winter which I donít like and at this time snowboarding is the only thing which keeps me alive. In the summer I usually start blooming again and then there are also a lot of nice things to do. I go climbing, juggling, playing food bag, swimming in mountain lakes or just enjoying the sun, the air and the people which are my inspiration. I really like discussions and making great plans. In the future I see myself traveling and working at a place where I have the possibility to help people.
The meaning of life to me is to use all my possibilities to make as much experiences as I can and just enjoy my time on earth.
The words which are leading me through good and bad times are hakuna matata, hakuna haraka and pole pole which is Swahili and means no problem, no stress and slowly slowly. Let you going with this words I want to thank you for your interest.
Carpe Diem

Taavi Suits

Student of Architecture
I like to deal with cannons, motorcycles and photography.


Hello! I'm Marius. I'm 20 years old an I come from one town in the North-Eastern part of Romania. I don't have a lot of hobbies, but i do have some that take a big part of my time: computers and sleeping. Also some things I like are sweet coffee and fast-food. At the moment i am a voluteer in Greece, working in one organization called TES. In the future i might go to university or work with computers. Or do both....

Lipsa Catalin Gabriel

I was born on 30-th of April 1982 in Iasi, I am 23 years old. I studied Computer Science and Microelectronics and Telecommunications. I also studied Linux and Network Administration. I participated in an international microelectronics experience exchange, also to CSDIC international contest (invention contest). In my free time I like to work on Flash and Web Design and I also like going out with my friends riding the bike and roller-skating.

Popovici Cristina Georgeta

I am 19 years old, my birth date is 28-th of January 1986. My sign is Aquarius. I studied Math and Computer Science through high school and now I am in my first year at the Faculty of Computer Science. I also like Web Design, German language (now I donít have time for practicing it), music, sports, traveling, going out with my friends and I took part in different projects.

Buhus Elena Roxana

Hy there! My name is Roxana from Romania, Iím 19 years old, a very explosive and dynamic person that studies at the university of Electronics and Telecommunication. My hobbies are: music (especially singing), sports (all kind), cookery and massage.
No other projects in the past, this is my first and I LOVE IT!!!

Mihai Oana Mihaela

Hello! Iím 19 years old and I was born in Romania. I study Informatics, and hope to build a future career in Programming. I love creating and learning new things, and people in general. Iím also very attracted to nature. Iíve been involved in Leonado Da Vinci project in 2003, and in Euroscola contest with my highschool colleagues, and reached the 3rd position, which led to a beautiful experience at the European Parliament where we were invited. Thank you!

Antochi Raluca

Hi! I was born on 23.04.1985, in Romania. I study Economics and Business Management and I hope that in the future Iíll get the opportunity to develop my own business. I participated in Euroscola contest in 2004, with my team from highschool, reaching the 3rd position, and we were invited to a session to the European Parliament. My hobbies are: travelling, music, nature and spending time with my close friends.

Crudu Andrei

I am a romanian named Crudu Andrei since the 8th of february 1985 and I am 20 years old. I have a passion for electronic things, expecialy computers. This is why I am now a student of the Computer Science University. I have also participated in several projects and competitions related to informatics. Lately I have developed an interest in humanities studies, especially psychology.
One of my biggest passions and interests is travelling, and in my future I know that I will see all the world. Minor hobbies are listening to music, swimming and many more.


So. what to write about myself? Finished school last summer and making plans to get away from my town to see the world, taking part in an EVS project might be a good start for this never ending travel. The sea, sun, rain, mountains, people, travel, music, arts are the things I really adore. So it is obvious that I enjoy it here.


I'm Nicolas from France. I'm here because I love to travel and to discover other cultures, and this youth exchange was an opportunity for me to see Greece for the first time and to learn more about fireworks. I'm currently doing a PhD thesis in cognitive sciences, on the expression of emotion in speech.

Delphine Sassi

I'm Delphine and I'm from France. I'm 22 years old. I study graphic design. I'm here in Chios because I like to travel, to meet foreign people, to discover new cultures, and also because I already heard about this event before. Indeed, I have been living for 8 months with a Greek girl.

Eric Giraud

Hi, I am Eric Giraud...
I am french from Niort.
I am 24 years old.
I am now doing an EVS project in TES for 10 months. I arrived in Chios Island in November 2004 and I will stay until August 2005.
Before this interesting project, I was a student in Computer Science.
I am very happy that this project takes place and that I have the possibility to show our work and our place to people from all Europe!


Iím Aurťlie, I am born in a French island called Reunion Island, located in the Indian Ocean. Iím 22 years old and Iím studying in a business school in France for 3 years now. Iím quite a curious person, Iíd like to discover all different kind of countries, people and customs, so Iím planning to travel a lot as soon as I graduate.


Iím LaurentÖ22 years old.
I come from a little French island in the Indian Ocean. Five years ago I went to "the continent" to study cinema. Obviously I enjoy watching movie, especially American independent moviemakers like Gus Van Sant. I came here to meet others young people from all Europe and try to work together, and I was curious to discover this tradition of fireworks during Easter celebration.


Hello everybody :-)
My name is Marzena I came from Poland with five youngsters ;-)
Now I am working in a youth organization in small town Ė Bystrzyca Klodzka in Poland.


Hello, my name is Majula.

I am in Greece for the first time and I really like Chios! Maybe we will meet here for holidays one day???
See you then, Majula

Effiom Adrian

They call me Adrian, but actually my first name is Effiom. Everywhere I am I used to the second one, even at school and at home I am called with it. I come from Poland. My roots lead to an African country Nigeria, where my father comes from. I am 18 years old (since 17 April :P) and I attend high school, I am writing my baccalaureate of Polish, English, chemistry, biology and maybe something more in one year time. In the future I would like to study pharmacy on one of Polish universities or somewhere abroad, I have not decided yet. I donít know if I will take part in the EVS program in the future, it depend on what happens when I will finish my high school, what visions for my future I will have. I interest myself in reading non-compulsory books, listening to music and sports. I train tennis. In my free time I play basketball, volleyball football and table-tennis, ride a mountain bike and roller-skates. I also like running. My other hobby is dancing; I attend dancing classes since October, where I dance rumba, cha-cha, waltzes, etc. I took part in this exchange because I love traveling. I also wanted to explore a new country, I have heard many things about Greece, so I wanted to experience it myself. Other reason for me being here is that I wanted to meet people from other European countries, listen about their culture and ways of spending Easter.

Ewa Kuklis

My name is Ewa Kuklis and I come from Poland.
I like listening to music, swimming and riding a bike. I enjoy being in Greece, because Iím here for the first time, so itís a new experience for me. I like traveling and visiting new exotic places. My hobbies are dancing and making up some stories. My favourite singer is Elvis Presley.
On this exchange Iíve met a lot of people from all Europe and Iím really happy to be here in the time of Easter. Iím a little bit shocked, because Iíve never seen so many new things together in one time. I think thatís all I wanted to say. Have a good time! Bye!


My name is Damian. Iím 18 years old and Iím from Poland.
Iím going to high school. I came in this Youth Exchange because I love Greece and I am interested in culture of other countries. When I finish high school I would like to study Sociology or European Studies. I like to travel. Iím working in Interact Club. For example we help orphanages. I think itís very positive things, when young people make something for others.


My name is Asia and Iím 18. I come from Poland. I go to the second class at high school in my town. In my free time I dance in a modern dance group, which is called ďTimeĒ. I also belong to the dancing and singing folklore group, where I play violin. Three years ago I finished 6-year music school. I like techno and clubbing music (maybe therefore that my older brother is a DJ :) ). In winter I like skiing Ė it is my favourite sport. Iím here, because I like traveling, visiting interesting places and meeting new people ;-)


HI! My name is Penelope DIMAS from Austria! I am doing an EVS in TES from December 2004 to June 2005. I am very happy to organize such project and to meet so many people from all around Europe. See you on the Beach ;-)

Jorg Vandersteen

Hello, Iím Jorg Vandersteen, Iím 24 years old. I was born in Belgium. In 1998 I started university and studied commercial engineering which I finished last year. In January I started working as a software engineer.

Jeroen Maes

Iím Jeroen Maes, Iím 25 years old and I come from Belgium. First I studied mechanical engineering and after that one year of international relations in Germany. At the moment I work in Belgium Institute for Space Aeronomy. Iím also a Youth Leader in my country where I make activities for children from 10 to 18.

Annemie Baelemans

Species: Belgian girl (rare on Chios)

Function in Belgian group: laugh with Jorgís jokes

Basic needs: chocolate

Special care: challenges to keep breathing and friends to keep smiling


Hello girls and boys !!!! My name is Niki Vanhamel, I come from Belgium. See you on the beach ;-)


Hi everyone, my name is Paul and I'm from Belgium. My main interest is photography and I love it here in Chios.

See you on the beach !!!!!

Joan Carles

My name is Joan Carles. I am from Spain. I am doing EVS here in Greece. I am having a very good time here. During my time here I have learned a lot of skills and developed others. Iím missing my friends and family in Spain, but have also made a lot of good friends here. In the future I want to travel to other countries and learn more about different cultures.


Once upon a time my parents met in a seventie's party called "guateque" and they fell in love, so, after some time and the traditional wedding I was born in Madrid in a cold day such as 29th November in 1980.
I grew up and then I decided to study Computer Sciences Engineering in the University, as consequence I spent 5 years to get my degree, but I dont have any complaints; it was a very nice time! Beers, coffees, discussions, sometimes study, sometimes fights with the computers, Erasmus (thank you Diego)... At the same time I worked in different places to get money and survive in the world.
When I finished my degree, after a big big party I was working like web designer in the online store of Carrefour, 8 hours per day, big company... Nice experience but not satisfactory, so I decided to escape.. come on! I was still young! And I came to this small paradise of Xios to work like volunteer taking part of the EVS programme from the EU, now, apart of the really nice experience I feel also very satisfied!
What make me happy? The real love, the sincerously, the simplicity, the smile, the people close to me... It sounds utopic but is true... ;)
See you in the bars!

Dan Harris

Hi! My name is Dan Harris, I'm 24 years old, from Norwich, England and currently doing a 1 year EVS placement here in Xios, Greece. I've been working since the age of 16 in computers and wanted for a long time to do voluntary placement abroad and after much searching and persistence, here I am in Greece and enjoying it very much.
My interests include computers (of course), photography, running and music as well as many other things I can't think of right now. I am very happy to be a part of this youth exchange; the events have been excellent, as have the people.
Enjoy the website!


My name is Simonetta, I come from Italy. I study Comparative Literature because I love the cross cultural feeling. Thatís why itís so great being here and meeting people from all over Europe!

Maria Vittoria

My name is Malvi. I'm a student of Economics. I come from Italy and Iím here because I love traveling to know different cultures.
I think Greece is a wonderful country full of very hospitable peopleÖ I really feel at home here!


My name is Alessandra, I come from Italy, Iím 23. I study Archeology. I love ancient civilizations and mythology. Iím here because the project was a fantastic opportunity to get to know new places and people from all over Europe with their cultural traditions. I found it a bit difficult because I donít speak good English (Iím learning it as soon as I get home) but everybody here is very nice and helpful in trying to communicate with me!


My name is Riccardo, I come from Italy. Iím 25. Iíve got a degree in Computer Science but Iím very in to other cultures. Among my interests there are also Phylosophy, Esotic Religions and the New Age Culture. Iím also very fond of Role Playing Games and thatís why I joined the video workshop which allows me to express my creativity.


Anyway my main hobbies are playing piano, dancing, laughing and traveling, but I get enthousiastic more or less about everything, I think because of the energy produced by this system!!
I'm glad to have had the possibility to come back here in Greece, to co-operate so well with so many interesting people and to get to know about one of the most unusual Easter tradition I ever saw.


Hi! I'm Cosimo (or Kosmas or Jose, as you prefer!) I'm 24 and I come from Italy. I study Physical Education but I have a strong interest in culture.
At the moment I'm very into the Aribreshe culture (it comes from Albania but it's settled in Southern Italy). Here I'm very excited because I found out that there are many similarities between the GRECANICO (a dialect spoken in Calabria) and Greek! For instance "peramidu" is "ciariamidi" in grecanico.

Estonian group We are artistic group called Infotankers.
Our aim is to spread care for life and living environment. We want to better the world by making the audience think and by offering solutions and a reason for a small laugh.
We don't like waste in the ecosystem; even less are we fond of the waste inside people's heads. Through our works we hope to manage a small "spring cleaning" in the minds of the audience, i.e. to help them find the bigger kind of garbage Ė harmful thoughts that are hostile towards humans and nature.
We are not happy with the fact that for a lot of people the possession of things is more important than a friendly smile. Thus we don't like commercials, "insane sales" and the supremacy of global corporations. In our works we are trying to remind our audience that humanity and caring are more important than the need for ownership.
We wish for all humans to have the same lift-off pad, so that what anyone may want from life would not depend on the position of their parents, the number of people crowding around their crib and especially not on whether they're a boy or a girl.
See more www.goodwin.ee/infotankistid

Piret Ršni

Illustrator & Book Designer
I want to spread tolerance, equality between people, ecological thinking and belief into the possibility of happiness.

Jane Suviste

Teacher of Arts
Multimedia Artist
I am doing a lot of things all the time and I really donít know how to relax, I think itís because of my bad education. I like life because itís nice movie an I like colorful moving things such as movies.

Katrin Tees

Student of Photography
Social Worker
Music Therapist
I hate routine. I love to speeding by car, eat ice-cream and chocolate, also studying, laughing, irony and shocking things Ė they keep my mind fresh. I like music and color because the words arenít always exact, thatís why we have only one mouth but two eyes for seeing and two ears for hearing more.

Maris Suits

Student of Conservation of Architecture
I love to change my hair color as often as possible and I prefer to wear a dress. Iím fond of old things and traditional techniques.


My name is Marialena I am 18 years old and I am from Greece. I am in the first year of my studies in tourism management. I have no hobbies because I don't have much free time with my studies. But when I have free time I like to meet my friends or stay at home and relax. So that's all about me!


Hello!!! I am Marcos. I am from Greece. I am very happy to spend easter with young people from all over Europe. Hope everyone has a lot of fun and good time.

Sulo Kallas

IT Specialist
The most important things in life are those that bring one closer to oneís friends. Work and money are only important for allowing one to spend time with his/her friends.

Maria Psoras

Hi every body !!! My name is Maria. I am from Greece. I am an active member of TES and i am very happy to take part in this Youth Exchange that takes place here on the island. See you on the Beach ;-)

As well as the Youth Exchange participants, the children from the local community took part in the activities too. They really enjoyed themselves as they helped share their own ideas about Easter and it's traditions as well as helping to create their own wonderful egg designs for the very popular egg painting activity.

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