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InterviewsStory: Get to know Taavi
Posted on Sunday, May 01 @ 18:22:31 CDT
Topic: Interviews
What about Taavi? Cosimo has the answers...
Taavi is an Estonian boy. He came here in Greece with other people from Estonia
One of the best eston’s habits is the easter day. At that time all the family cleans the house, the meaning is that they restart a new life.

About his country, he doesn’t like the weather especially in winter time, he likes very much the fall. About fire tradition they have two important days, one is the day before 1st may called “First May Fire”, and the other day is 23th July called “The victory day”.
He thinks that all religions have to respect each other, he is not religous himself but he has a philosophy of life based on the respect of the people, “if you want to know the meaning of the life, just live your life”.

Cosimo Curiale

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